Offer an original present with our OceanSee Gift Card.

Tending to find an interesting and special gift for a birthday, anniversary, or a holiday? Now you are able to purchase the Gift Card of our wonderful experience on the speed boat and offer one of the best ways to see different marine mammals in their natural habitat during a short amount of time without causing any harm to them.

It is really easy to purchase OceanSee Gift Cards, please just follow some easy steps and offer an unforgeable experience.
Once you have selected a gift card option, you will be asked to choose the amount of gift cards you would like to offer. After this, will appear a section, where you should select the price option that you would like to gift from already existing amounts or you can enter an amount of the desired value. It can be a full cost of the experience or just a partial one (the rest may be paid by a recipient). Also include a recipient name and email address.

After your order is complete, you will be taken to the confirmation page, where you can add a personal message and send your gift card by email or print it. You also will receive an email copy of your order confirmation (this is useful if you don’t want to send the gift card right away).

Once the recipient will receive the gift card, there will be a unique alphanumeric code that they can use toward a purchase with our business. Recipients can then redeem their gift card when booking on our OceanSee website or by calling us directly.

Some little time to spend to make your loved ones happy with our unforgettable experience of whales and dolphins watching on Madeira island!

Order your gift card at OceanSee now!

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